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Candice Fields’ case-shaping defense in the Varsity Blues scandal

On Behalf Of Candice Fields Law, PC | March 28, 2023 |

The 2019 college admissions scandal surrounding the infamous mastermind Rick Singer led to a noteworthy white-collar criminal defense case helmed by California attorney Candice Fields. Singer stood accused of orchestrating a scheme that facilitated over $25 million in bribes from wealthy parents looking to get their children into several top U.S. universities.

It became apparent that at least 53 people were involved in the conspiracy, including 33 parents of college applicants and a number of college officials. Singer faced truly harsh consequences for this role at the center of the so-called “Varsity Blues” scandal, but attorney Fields shaped the case with a praiseworthy defense on behalf of her client.


Singer entered into a plea deal implying a penalty of 15 years in prison for his central role in the scandal. As the case unfolded, however, Singer took on a cooperative role with authorities and helped secure incriminating evidence against other parties involved with the conspiracy. As a result, the Department of Justice sought a penalty for Singer of 6 years of prison time.


As Singer’s defense attorney, Candice Fields played a key role in advocating for her client and working to lessen the sentence against him. Fields shaped an effective strategy at sentencing based on Singer’s cooperation, remorse, positive community ties, and personal background that ultimately succeeded in convincing a federal judge to further reduce Singer’s sentence. The outcome for Singer was a prison sentence of just three and a half years.

Attorney Candice Fields achieved an exceptional conclusion in the notorious Varsity Blues scandal that proves the strength of a defendant’s representation, regardless of their past missteps, can secure a fair outcome.

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