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"I don’t know where to begin. Candice is an amazing person. She never passed judgment, always had my back and always comforted me throughout the crazy process. I know she was doing her job, yet I know she did more than be my attorney. She was/is my friend. I can’t even express my gratitude for everything she did. All I can say is thank you."– R.M.


"To say that Candice Fields Law, PC has been a reliable, competent and strong attorney would be an understatement!I reached out to Candice the day after my arrest. I was scared, in a lot of trouble, and unsure of where things stood. I literally googled “white-collar attorney Sacramento.” I visited over a dozen websites of local attorneys and spoke to several of them, as well. When I called Candice’s firm at the end of the day on a Friday. I left a message not expecting a call back until Monday. Within 1 hour, Candice phoned me back personally and, from that very call, I knew I had found someone who could genuinely help me.

Candice’s attention to detail, follow up, and competence in the law has been on point throughout my complicated case. I have had several attorneys in my life, and never before has any attorney valued me as a client on the level Candice Fields Law, PC has. So many attorneys will “tell you what you want to hear.” Candice will never offer false hope. She is a straight shooter but at the same time will go out of her way to reassure me by looking for solutions, rather than offering empty promises. Her willingness to think outside the box and consider every possible angle has been such a reassurance for me.

In the time I’ve known Candice, I have witnessed her strong command of the courtroom. Candice is respected by the Judge as well as the District Attorney. What I considered impossible odds and a challenge to even get a District Attorney to have an open mind to, Candice made happen. She was able to speak for me, and present evidence and mitigating issues I honestly thought would be impossible to convey.

The result? Multiple felony charges resolved as a single misdemeanor with no time in custody.

Candice Fields Law, PC and her entire staff have been a true blessing. Because of her unwavering ability and willingness to fight for me, I’m now able to begin rebuilding my life."

– E.N.

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