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Strategically Defending Medical Providers Against Prescription Drug Fraud Charges

Candice Fields Law, PC, offers physicians, pharmacists and other medical providers a tenacious defense. With decades of experience defending clients against health care fraud and other federal charges, attorney Candice Fields has significant experience with assisting medical professionals in resolving fraud allegations and even avoiding white collar criminal charges entirely, if at all possible.

Legal Risks Are Increasing For Medical Providers

Prescription drug fraud has long been a top priority within the government’s health care fraud enforcement efforts. Recently, the Department of Justice has increased its focus on the nation’s opioid epidemic and formed an all-new Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection Unit. This special unit includes 12 highly experienced prosecutors from across the U.S. who will be exclusively focused on fighting health care fraud that involves opioid drug prescriptions. One of these dedicated prosecutors is based in Sacramento.

During his time as attorney general, Jeff Sessions stated that the U.S. government is “determined to attack this opioid epidemic.” Such an aggressive resolution may not bode well for many health care providers who find themselves accused of creating “pill mill” schemes, unlawfully dispensing prescription drugs or otherwise providing patients with inappropriate access to opioids.

In light of this increased federal scrutiny and new waves of indictments, medical professionals throughout central and Northern California should be prepared for intense scrutiny related to atypical opioid prescription practices.

Candice Fields Law, PC Has A Track Record Of Protecting Clients From Being Indicted

Retaining an experienced attorney during the investigation process is essential to avoiding criminal charges. After an investigating agency receives information about an overprescribing doctor, the DEA or other federal agencies utilize a variety of monitoring programs to target a so-called “pill mill.”

Those agencies will then collaborate with local law enforcement to engage in surveillance of the target through informants or undercover agents who present the doctor with pain complaints. Such “patients” will often:

  • Suggest paying with cash
  • Travel from out of state
  • “Doctor shop”
  • Refer to drugs by their street names

Physicians with legal representation can delay an ensuing “administrative inspection,” which allows time for guidance through the maze of DEA regulations to confirm compliance.

A Criminal Investigation Puts Your Professional License In Jeopardy, So Involve A Legal Professional At The Earliest Sign Of Trouble

In addition to prescription drug fraud, Candice Fields Law, PC handles all types of health care fraud, including:

  • Billing and coding errors
  • Kickbacks, bribes and rebates
  • Physician self-referrals
  • False and fraudulent claims
  • Billing for medically unnecessary (or not provided) services, supplies or equipment
  • Falsifying patient records
  • Fraudulent physician certifications

If you have received a subpoena, a target letter or a request to testify, or if you believe that your practice is under investigation and/or surveillance, you should speak with an experienced health care fraud attorney immediately.

At Candice Fields Law, PC, the first goal is to help clients to avoid revocation of their licenses and criminal prosecution for health care fraud. However, if you are indicted in the Eastern District of California, you want a lawyer with experience defending fraud cases in federal court. Candice Fields Law, PC is prepared to defend your case. Attorney Candice Fields will fight for your professional practice and for your personal freedom.

Let Candice Fields Law, PC Begin Developing Your Defense Strategy

If you are under investigation or charged with any prescription fraud or other health care fraud offense in central or Northern California, contact Candice Fields Law, PC today at 916-414-8050 or send an email. Calls and emails are monitored 24/7.

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