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PPP Fraud Lawyer Candice Fields: Your Defense Against PPP Fraud Accusations

During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous doctors and dentists grappled with financial upheavals. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Provider Relief Fund (PRF) emerged as vital lifelines for many, including medical and dental practices. However, this has also given rise to a surge in PPP and PRF fraud investigations and charges. If you're a doctor or dentist facing accusations of PPP or PRF fraud, safeguarding your rights, professional license, and reputation is paramount. Turn to Candice Fields Law for steadfast legal defense tailored to your unique needs.

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What is PPP and PRF Fraud?

PPP Fraud Lawyer for Doctors

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was created to offer low-interest loans to small businesses facing economic hardship due to the pandemic. These funds were intended for payroll, mortgage interest, rent, and utilities. The Provider Relief Fund (PRF) payments were made to eligible providers who diagnose, test, or care for individuals with possible or actual cases of COVID-19 and have health care related expenses and lost revenues attributable to COVID-19. These funds provided financial support to providers who experienced lost revenues and increased expenses during the pandemic in order to maintain national health system capacity. Failure to use PPP or PRF funds appropriately or providing false information on a PPP or PRF loan application could result in accusations of fraud.

Why Doctors and Dentists Are Especially at Risk of PPP and PRF Fraud Allegations

Medical and dental practices operate with complex financial frameworks, involving multiple partners, contractors, and diverse revenue sources. This complexity can sometimes cause inadvertent errors during the PPP and PRF application process, which might be misconstrued as fraud. For healthcare professionals, a federal fraud conviction can lead to severe professional repercussions, including the loss of licenses or exclusion from federal programs like Medicaid.

What To Do If You Are Charged With PPP or PRF Fraud as a Doctor or Dentist

Being charged with PPP or PRF fraud is severe for anyone, but it is especially concerning if you are a doctor or dentist. A fraud charge can imperil your financial security, professional reputation, and licensure. Knowing the steps to take immediately if you know you are being investigated, or after being criminally charged, can substantially affect the outcome of your case. Candice Fields Law is here to guide you through your pending investigation or criminal charges, but before you reach out to us for a detailed consultation, here are some immediate actions you should take.

Do Not Speak to Investigators Without Legal Representation

It is natural to want to clear your name immediately. However, speaking to federal government investigators without a federal defense lawyer can lead to unintentional self-incrimination or false statement accusations. Investigators are trained to solicit information that may incriminate you or cause you to make an apparently false statement, even if you believe you are innocent or making clarifying statements. Always consult your CARES Act fraud lawyer before talking to any authorities.

Collect and Preserve All Relevant Documents

When you know you are under investigation or have been criminally charged, collect every document related to your PPP or PRF loan application and how the funds were spent. This may include:

  • Bank statements
  • Employee payroll records
  • Rent or mortgage agreements
  • Utility bills
  • Emails or correspondence related to the PPP or PRF loan
  • Evidence of health care related expenses and lost revenues attributable to COVID-19

These documents will be crucial in building your defense.

Consult with an Experienced PPP Fraud Lawyer

PPP (and PRF) fraud is an area of the law that intersects business, finance, and federal statutes. An experienced PPP fraud lawyer will know the intricacies of federal laws and how to navigate the legal maze. We offer experienced legal consultation and representation for doctors and dentists charged with PPP or PRF fraud at Candice Fields Law.

Be Honest and Transparent with Your Legal Team

Your legal team will need all the facts to build the strongest possible defense. Omissions or inaccuracies can lead to an ineffective defense strategy, so complete transparency is crucial. Rest assured, your criminal defense attorney-client privilege protects your communications with your legal team.

Prepare for Potential Financial Scrutiny

Your financial accounts and records could be frozen or scrutinized in PPP or PRF fraud cases. Consult with your criminal defense lawyer about how best to prepare for this, including what financial preparatory steps may be advisable.

Cooperate But Be Cautious

Your federal defense lawyer may advise you to cooperate with investigators in a way that does not compromise your defense. This is a delicate balance to maintain, but essential for mitigating damage and possibly negotiating a more favorable outcome like reduced charges or penalties.

Keep a Low Profile

While you may want to clear your name publicly, especially if you believe you have been wrongly accused, making public statements about your case can backfire. Any statements you make can be used against you later, so it is best to stay quiet on social media and avoid discussing the case with anyone outside your legal team.

Do Not Go It Alone

Facing PPP or PRF fraud charges can be an overwhelming experience with high stakes, including the risk of losing your medical or dental license and severe financial repercussions. It is a situation that demands legal experience. At Candice Fields Law, we are committed to providing you with the best defense tailored to the unique aspects of your case.

Penalties of PPP Fraud for Doctors and Dentists

The penalties surrounding PPP and PRF fraud for medical practitioners are severe, threatening their financial stability, professional standing, and personal reputation. If found guilty, doctors and dentists could face:


Depending on the severity and extent of the fraud, physicians and dentists might face substantial jail time, with sentences often ranging into several years.


Courts will likely order doctors and dentists to repay the fraudulently obtained funds, sometimes alongside additional financial penalties.

Heavy Fines

Federal fines can reach the hundreds of thousands, leaving a significant dent in personal and professional finances.

Asset Forfeiture

In some cases, authorities might seize assets believed to be acquired through the proceeds of the fraud, impacting financial stability further.

Professional Repercussions

Convictions can lead to the revocation of medical and licenses, exclusion from federal healthcare programs, and irreparable damage to professional reputations.

Probation or Supervised Release

Whether or not a Court orders a doctor or dentist to serve a prison sentence, individuals might have to navigate a period of probation or supervised release, with stringent conditions affecting daily life and work.

How Candice Fields Law Can Help

Candice Fields has extensive experience in criminal defense, including white-collar crimes like PPP and PRF fraud. Here is how we can assist you:

  • Early Intervention: The sooner you get legal advice, the better your chances of a favorable outcome. Early legal intervention can often prevent charges from being filed in the first place.
  • In-depth Analysis: We will closely scrutinize all the documents, transactions, and communications related to your PPP or PRF loan to build a strong defense strategy tailored to your case.
  • Skilled Negotiation: Our experience includes negotiating with federal agencies to reduce or avoid criminal charges, minimizing the impact on your medical practice and professional life.
  • Trial Representation: If your case goes to court, you can rest assured that we will provide a compelling defense to secure an acquittal or the best possible outcome for you.

Safeguard Your Future with Experienced Legal Representation

A single legal issue should not undo your years of hard work and dedication to your medical or dental career. PPP and PRF fraud charges are severe, but having an experienced federal defense attorney by your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

If you are a doctor or dentist who has been charged or is under investigation for PPP or PRF fraud, do not hesitate to contact Candice Fields Law for a confidential consultation. Your career, reputation, and future are too important to leave to chance.

PPP Fraud Lawyer FAQs: What Doctors Need to Know

Facing a PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) fraud charge can be overwhelming, particularly for doctors with much to lose professionally and personally. It is natural to have numerous questions about what to expect and how to navigate this precarious situation. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers from Candice Fields Law, experienced in defending against PPP fraud charges.

What constitutes PPP and PRF fraud?

PPP and fraud occurs when a borrower knowingly provides false information or misuses the loan proceeds. This can include inflating payroll or COVID-19 related costs to get a larger loan, lying about the number of employees, or using the funds for unauthorized purposes.

What is the first step I should take if I am charged with PPP or PRF fraud?

The first step is to seek legal counsel immediately. Do not speak with investigators or attempt to clear your name without the guidance of an experienced PPP fraud lawyer. Contact Candice Fields Law for a confidential consultation as early as possible.

Can I face both civil and criminal penalties?

Yes, you can. Federal agencies can pursue both civil and criminal penalties, sometimes simultaneously. This could include substantial fines, imprisonment, and civil lawsuits under the False Claims Act.

How can a lawyer help if I am charged with PPP fraud?

An experienced PPP fraud lawyer will know how to review your case comprehensively, challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution, and provide advice on the best course of action. They can also negotiate with federal agencies to reduce or drop charges, represent you in court, and advise on mitigating the impact on your medical or dental practice.

What types of evidence are used in PPP fraud cases?

Evidence may include loan applications, bank statements, payroll records, emails, text messages, and any other financial documentation related to the loan or its intended use.

What are the potential professional consequences for doctors and dentists ?

In addition to legal penalties, doctors and dentist could face professional ramifications such as revoking medical or dental licenses, exclusion from federal healthcare programs like Medicaid and Medicare, and reputational damage that could significantly impact your practice.

Can I continue to practice medicine or dentistry while under investigation or after a charge?

This depends on various factors, such as state licensing regulations and the nature of the charges. Some doctors and dentists can continue to practice but may face restrictions. It is critical to consult a lawyer to understand how the charges may affect your medical or dental license and practice.

Can charges be reduced or dropped?

Yes, in some cases, charges can be declined in the first place or perphaps reduced. The likelihood of this favorable outcome significantly increases with early and effective legal representation.

How does Candice Fields Law approach PPP and PRF fraud cases?

At Candice Fields Law, we approach each case as unique. After an in-depth consultation and analysis of your case, we develop a customized defense strategy that may include challenging the evidence, negotiating with federal prosecutors, or preparing for a jury trial, all aimed at minimizing the impact on you and your career.

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